the yukon mining co. - west hollywood , ca

i cant quite say what it is with west hollywood . its easy going , well mannered , and ya just wouldnt think that the " gay part of town " could put together anything short of foie gras and a pleasant vintage white wine crisp as a fresh spring morning .

i stand corrected .

the chicken fried steak was crisp and nicely done . the coffee was not just some common thing , obviously roasted in some far off exotic land . the potatoes were no less uncommon . freshly cut with a large gauge potato grater . well grilled upon request .

the only curious thing regarding the meal , ( though thuroughly delightful ) was the gravy . chicken gravy , with little bits in it . wonderful ! absoloutely wonderful !

i must say that the whole event was well executed . the meal came up to ten dollars , and after tipping the nice young man . i strolled out and had a glorious sunday . just glorious .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

oh , dear lord what have i become ?!!