sam & woody's country diner - culver city , ca

i definitely wouldn't have found this place on my own . it's way out in the ' media district ' of sony southern culver city on some such street . i was invited out to this review breakfast by friends and had shut my brain off for the afternoon .

sunny summer saturday afternoon , didn't have to drive and i wasn't hung over : everything was headed my way . this place with the ridiculous name was packed with mostly locals , except for the empty table next to the john q. public high school's class of 1988 student council .

i was just a little concerned with a place who throws around that country bumpkin monicker , is just one of the windows in a mile long mini mall and does not describe their chicken fried items as steak . i was confused and scrambling as i was looking for the " good breakfast " section and only finding the " non good " other sections as we passed around two menus amongst three people .

when the insanity had subsided and all other orders were taken , i asked the nice , fine waitress , ( who , if she had wanted to could have told me : no , in fact , we do have a chicken fried somethingerother on the menu , it's called : sam and woody's chicken fried chicken . but i can tell you want a steak , and i would luv to come over to you secret underground lair and cook it up for you while wearing only a g string and thigh highs . ) " i couldn't find chicken fried steak on the menu " , to which she responded , " we have that , you want that ? i'll getcha that . "

i luv efficient women .

the mighty fine waitress was off in a flash with our orders and back in a blink with coffee and water fer all . it seemed like no time before we were served . . .

the review crew

little , little , little and so , so , so disappointed .the fuckin scrawniest fried chicken breast since port - au - prince , haiti .

shameful .

small but good . i'd hate fer this to become a trend . . . liking things is not a mishaco endorsed emotion , nor is small food . there was a precious lil bit of chicken gravy beneath the chicken thing it was good , but thin .

hash browns were well prepared brown and twice as thick as the chicken fried chicken . eggs were done masterfully . so perfectly over medium that i couldn't believe it . coffee was just right . and although the english muffin was more ' warmed ' than ' toasted ' there was loads orange marmalade .

basically , the awkwardly named sam and woody's is a good place fer those who don't take their c f s & e too seriously .

never was so much said about so little .