sitton's - north hollywood , ca

     i had heard about sitton's fer awhile from a man dubiously named " dolby vegas " . mister vegas said it was the place to go for my kinda breakfast .

out and about with baja jerry under a mostly sunny sky , i pulled into the lot way too fast , and parked immediately . ambled up to the door , only to find this , like all other breakfast spots packed with people . and not just any people . valley people . tits and eyeliner as far and as long as magnolia boulevard .

we readily sat down at the counter , fully prepared to dive into a plate of sumthin . got some coffee and then waited some more . . . and then we finally got menus .

theres no less than ten people that work the breakfast crowd , and the kitchen is quick about their duties . leaving hungry counter denizens to wonder which unserved plate is theirs . with nothing to tide us over but the incredibly misspelled closed captioning on the cnn morning report .

my standard breakfast plate came from under the pile and was set down on the counter with a clatter . it looked good , yet , had a peculiar aroma to it . staring over this breakfast that came to big for its plate was like general patton looking over his troops . the chicken gravy was providing cover for the large , thick chicken fried steak . a worthy force , bulging out of its position in preparation of a two pronged attack against the well done and crispy potatoes .

during the battle , the aroma that i had first encountered reared back and struck ! freezer burn ! reeking from the steak was this horrible weapon , destroying any chance of completing the breakfast mission .

as i was reeling from the freezer stench of death i encountered a spy , buried deep in the chicken gravy , a bay leaf ?!?

save it fer thanksgiving , honey . i dont need yer spices in my gravy .

the egg yolk ran from the breakfast battle like , well , over easy eggs , not like the over medium ones i ordered .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

twenty bucks plus tip for two . it might be a good place , but i'll never know .