sambo 's - santa barbara , ca

so , its the first day of the first week of the first month of a new generation .

or something like that .

and i was ready to gnaw on someones leg if i didnt get fed .

i didn ' t even think there was a sambo's open anymore . i remember them when i was but a little mishaco reviewer , but alas , the old days . nothing ( except the obvious racial connotation of the name ) has changed about this place which is about on par with any denny's . that is any denny ' s that has a small turban wearing child feeding pancakes in various states undress to a tiger .

i kid you not .

its adequate at best . but on new years day , i sucked it down like there was no tomorrow . and was happy about it .

the badnews : weak coffee . and the potatoes had that freezer burn taste like the "vegetables" that come on a supreme frozen pizza . the c f s was some sort of fabricated limp thing .

the goodnews : others in our party got this ungodly large orange juice that made me wanna be more juice loving . orange marmalade , and the opportunity to introduce all my friends to its orange rindly goodness .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

proving that potatoes should be fresh and tiger porn should be slipped discreetly under the table , not plastered all over the place .