original pantry - los angeles , ca

if yer lookin fer pancakes and bacon , yer lookin in the wrong place . the original pantry serves the best steak breakfast around : steak . while there isn't any chicken friedness going on here . what is happening is well worth the twenty minute or more wait on the sidewalk if you arrive anytime the weekend or while the sun is still shining .

before you even get close to downtown , kick out all those who would believe consuming a steak larger than the plate is some how less than perfect .


a big table on the side is good fer people who talk while they eat - and this place is stuffed with 'em . but the counter is where the show is . somewhere between rugby and a ballet is where yer lucky steak will be : happily sandwiched in a foot high stack of meat to be doled like cards in veags by the guy workin the double wide grill . the san francisco style sourough bread is grilled up and served in piles . it takes two pats of butter to cover . the only peculiarity is the mandatory cole slaw . don't order it , it will be given to you whether you appreciate the stuff or not .

the coffee at the pantry is as thick as yer t - bone . and served in a mug tough enough to prevent yer finger prints from being burned off .

hash browns are unlike any others that i have experienced . my review crew noticed a subtle sweetness that only added to the mound of more than enough grilled potatoes .

they even had a lil doggie bag fer the bone .


total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :


if you've never been , yer missing out .