milly's - silverlake , ca

millys doesnt have a sign just an awning and shiny , shiny cars

socked away on the south side of sunset boulevard in slverlake , milly's is more of a neighborhood institution than the upwardly mobile , s . u . v . drivin hipster - rama that it has been in days past .

i've been here thirty or more times , having lived around the corner in the not too distant enough past . i thought i'd go back fer the c f s & e refresher course . even though milly's hasn't changed since possum - dixon included the place in a line from their first record .

you can see downtown from the umbrealla'd tables outside , and with a little make believe its just smoggy enough to give you the impression that you've travelled to the seedy end of paris for some homemade american cooking .

well , it must've been an early weekday visit , cause there was plenty of seating , and the second - string waiters were on hand . i sat fer awhile , then fer a little longer , then asked for a cup of coffee and some l . a . tap water with the stuff , and the little floaty things in it to keep me company while my waiter was trying to get into his " waiter character " .

after a little bit of peering into the kitchen , i was served undoubtedly one of the top ten chicken fried steaks in the city . better than i had remembered it to be . a big , thick real live steak was poking out there from beneath the chicken friedness .

i decided to throw a little change up pitch and ordered eggs " over easy " , cause i pretty much had the whole day to clean up . i don't know what the hell happened , cause both of those eggs came to me done " extra medium " not too much runniness located within the yellow dome of eggly goodness .

the potatoes here have always been the bane of my milly's existance . the fancy roasted red potatoes sprinkled with parsley are the kinds of things you might expect to get at the quaint french places over in los feliz . i would rather have plain old hash browns .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

where echo park turns into silverlake , where milly's diner is closed today oh - ho . . .