the house of pies - los feliz , ca

ah , yes , a little impromptu reviewage .

or something like that .

the previous nights activities were really great . i got to go out accidentally , wonderfully with someone whom i wouldnt mind getting to know better . and then , after a long morning of sleeping in , i was invited to breakfast with friends at the house of pies in los feliz .

i believe ' los feliz ' means 'the happy ' in spanish .

with all of those factors going for it , how could this restaurant not make the big numbers ?

please allow me to explain :

the h o p is somewhat a hipster , requisite old people , cop kinda diner . therefore , its may take some time on a saturday at eleven : thirty am . thats a given , but friends were there already . the hop isnt a big place , and i realize that a group of five is odd , but i took the outside seat in the aisle of tables . i felt like an oversized babydoll . all i had to do was : smile , look hygenic and eat . . .

but first ya gotta order . that took a while . then came the food .

well , it looked normal . the hash browns were brown i got a little extra cup of gravy . the chicken fried steak was a little small , but wait , theres more . even after the first bite of the cfs , i knew things had gone terribly awry . this . . . taste , it was like a brand new freezer crunchy , but stale , plastic and freezer burned . it was small , and i couldnt bring myself to eat the thing . it sucked .

the potatoes were also cold when they got to me . obviously caught that from the steak , and the coffee here is notoriously weak

maybe thats why it called the house of pies . it the only good thing going on there .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

two-thirds of a mishaco . stinkeroo !

ive been here several times . never has it been this bad .

you be the judge , give the h o p a second chance ? or is two-thirds of a mishaco justified fer ruining the perfect day-nite combo .

should we give the house of pies a second chance to redeem itself ?

any extra sentencing to go with that ?