harry's family restaurant - burbank , ca

living is hard . that's not news to anyone .

a quick witted friend of mine is prone to saying " if ya got money yer funny , if yer broke , yer a joke .
broke is what brings us to burbank , this god forsaken day .

its burbank . it sucks . burbank is ten degrees hotter here than it is in hollywood . theres kids , old people , neo yuppies , rednecks from palmdale who think that shopping at the ikea next door puts them up on a higher plain than their jug band playin neighbors . plus , theres no parking .

i sauntered into harry's and was greeted by none other than harry jr . as a true family restaurant , harry's is owned and operated by the aforementioned harry , mrs. harry and harry jr . even the head cook is married to one of the waitresses . at least they seem married . they sure do fight alot .

the only open seats were at the counter immediately in front of the kitchen window . to some , this is the seat taken as a last resort . to others , this spot at the counter is " ringside " where only the true fans of boxing dare to be . if this was jack nicholson's website the counter at henry's is where jack would eat breakfast .

there isn't anything spectacular about harry's . it's the quirks make it stand out from the pack . tough parking , bickering in the kitchen , the small children of customers who are old enough to know better , running around the dining area , good gravy with lil bits of chipped beef in it , the ass end of burbank .

the coffee isn't over powering , the potatoes are remotely brown , yet " done " . the chicken fried steak was peculiar that could only be described as a breaded and fried cube steak .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

meet up fer drinks after the fight , jack ?