french market place - west hollywood , ca

ive never been here before . firends of the 'co came here for lunch one fine day . i was thinking 'croissant with stuff in it'

i definitely didnt expect to see chicken fried anything on the menu .

it looks like a typical las vegas buffet inside . maybe from the new " paris " or something . totally over decorated in a way that some how screams " france " and " west hollywood " at the same time . there are even little shops and offices inside the restaurant . all it needs is some slots and some seniors on the verge of cirrhosis .

very surprising . good food , orange marmalade , decent coffee . no puzzled look when i ask for eggs 'over medium' . decent sized cfs , gravy with little sausage bits in it . even a toasted english muffin , without rehashing the whole hundred years war thing .

theres even really good service here . im totally out of arguments .

im sure the cfs isnt the specialty of the house , and it will never be . but the french market place is a good lunch place , chicken fried steak or not , allbeit a bit foo - foo . after all this is west hollywood .