eat well - glendale , ca

i think im in luv .

everything is so cute when spelled with a 'u' .

lookin fer a place to eat , i ended up in glendale . its so close to the valley , i was gettin the shakes . maybe it was from a lack of coffee or perhaps from my sudden urging for some country fried luvin .

strewn amongst the car lots in glendale , i almost drove right past eat well . i was unsure if eat well was even servin up the dish i so desire . i apprehensively stepped thru the door and into a nice lil spot mid - counter . almost noon and this place didnt have a spare table . its usually a good sign .

even though i came in the door lookin like a scruffy lookin nerf herder , smelling of impropriety and still with yellow enamel paint on my hands . i was greeted and given a menu from the hardest workin woman , without even a trace of a " oh my god what is that , and why doesnt it just go scoop outta the dumspter ? " in her voice .

she even smiled as she poured some damn fine coffee .

no one smiles in l.a . no one .

with coffee came a couple pieces of coffee cake . i havent had coffee cake in more years than i can remember . but , i nibbled away at it like a coked out gerbil while drinkin coffee and grinning like the sap i am .

after i made my predetermined selection , i just sat and watched the ballet of people take care of the tables , bus the dishes , cure cancer and work on that nuclear fission stuff . during the whole meal i couldnt get far enough into my coffee to equalize the cream to sugar ratio . no less than four different people filled that cup on six occasions .

the plate was filled to the edge and just by the look of that chicken fried beast i knew it wasnt gonna be the same old freezer aisle stuff . layered with gravy and bigger than i was expecting , or had room for after three cups of coffee and coffee cake , coffee , coffee , coffee , coffee . . .

the eggs were over medium just right and so perfectly symmetrical , i knew they were related . hash browns came in brown on the outside and a wee bit anemic towards the center of the pile . they tasted fine , leading me to suspect that those browns are fresh , rather than the frozen variety common in most other places .

i stood up and steadied my frizzy head , paid the eight dollar . twelve cent happy faced scribed check and left the nice waitress a tip . as i stood at the door i screamed " thank you eat well , good day to you all , and rock on ! " .

it would have been great of i had .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

luv the luv , eat well .