doughboys bakery - west hollywood , ca

warning : no chicken fried steak was harmed in the making of this review .

wanting to show my flexibility as a reviewer , i present you with the best non chicken fried breakfast i've had in a long while :

shit on a shingle .

alas , doughboys takes the polite route and lists this delectable breakfast entree as " s . o . s . " , inviting you to ask someone over thirty for an explanation of the acronym . i guess my vocabulary of profanity is just high browed .

it looks as it is named . brown , thick , clumpy and steaming . with two hard poached ( ? ) eggs on top .

allow me to explain :
on the bottom of the heap are two pieces of toast . though you won't know it til yer a few fork fulls in to it . that's the shingle part . on top of that is shredded turkey in a thick brown gravy enveloping not only the toast , but an ample supply of lightly grilled potatoes . on top of the ' shit ' are the two eggs . warmed by the unholy steaming goodness from beneath , they seem to resemble two miniature urinal cakes , making the whole ' shit ' theme really take hold here .

the taste is hearty , rich , excellent , stick to yer innards and wait for it to settle kinda stuff . what can i say ? i love the shit .

additionally i heartily endorse the dried cherry and macadamia nut cookie . it is also " the shit " .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

you might wanna plan out the next few hours in close proximity to the facilities .