rock n roll denny's - west hollywood , ca

its called " the rock n roll denny's " . just like everything else on the block is called the " rock n roll ralph's " or " rock n roll thai food " rock n roll this n that . its on sunset boulevard , just before " the strip " . the whole block is known for the plethora guitar shops and the gaggles of burned out wretches brought screaming into the modern ages , each with some eddie van halen delusion that forces them to work and live within walking distance of everything . thus , rock n roll denny's .

this was all jason's idea . its his fault . this denny's is like every other one . except the fact that fer some unknown reason , that has yet to be apologized for , the grill was out of commission . that meant no pancakes and no hash browns . i will admit to gasping like an eighty year old man with one lung and then shreiking like a little girl in horror when i heard this .

what can i say ? i was really surprised .

i got the standard chicken fried steak and eggs . . . and . . . i just gotta stop right there . one egg was fine , done just as ordered , over medium . the other . i dunno what the hell was goin on there . its like it came from aquaman's underwater extra watery , watery egg and water farm . it shoulda been served with a side of egg nog and a straw .

mishaco review crew

jason thinks rock n roll denny's is " super " .

every time i stabbed with my fork , then took a bite , i could have sworn that i heard a rim-shot . the rest was , at best typical fer denny's .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

this place couldnt even meet the minimum requirements . denny's gets a song dedication instead :

sleater - kinneys " you're no rock n roll fun "