crest on sunset - silverlake , ca

we gotta do sumthin about that logo .

up until a few months ago , this place was " cable's family restaurant " . i hadn't been to cable's since i perpetually skipped advanced life drawing in college . the reasoning was they both left a bad taste in my mouth . so , with some trepidation i ventured into the new / old crest on sunset , despite the toothpaste influenced name .

i think i'm weird . when i walked in the door , i felt uneasy . i dont know if it was the operating room like cleanliness , the waiters with the perma - smile , or the borg like headphones and battery packs .

another thing , the carafe of coffee at my table as i perused the menu . it stuns me how such a simple , efficient , good idea such as this is neglected in favor of huried , overworked , underpaid wait staff and ever emptying coffee cups .

this place offers both homefries and hashbrowns , done well , of course and served up as warm as the counter top could make em . english muffin , but no orange marmalade , the grape jelly suffices at most places .

the chicken fried steak was really quite good . thicker than yer usual c . f . s . and still a bit crispy , even with two big drippy handful's of chicken gravy and bits in it .

i was having a better time eating than i usually have when i'm at home , alone , with two big drippy handful's of chicken gravy and bits . that is , until dame edna , the queen of england and her three hundred year old mother decided to compare jello recipes and dispute the top ten reasons tony blair is a ' tosser ' .

with this meal , ya usually get two eggs . here , i got three . i ate two , reasonably medium eggs . but , had to fight the urge to fling the last yolk at mary queen of scots as i left .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

thats three and three quarter heads for ya .

after three and a half cups , there was at least a cups worth of hot coffee left as i paid the eleven dollar check .

crest - its not dirty enough . but thats a good thing , i'm told .