bunboy - baker , ca

first , i got a right - in - front parking space and inside it even has the diner smell , which is important . and requisite old people giving me disaproving looks . thats fine . there was even a cheesey gift shop with midwesterners trolling thru the half off x - mess stuff .

but the best part at eight in the morning , one hundred ninety miles from home , was the vat of coffee and all the little packets of ' half - n - half ' that i could squeeze to my hearts delight .

then came the food .

it was the crispiest chicken fried steak ive had in recent memory . and , ya know , i think there may have even been a real steak ( at one time ) under there . the gravy was good and had lil bits of sausage in it . the downside : the gravy was a bit cold and the hash browns werent done enough , and there was no orange marmalade to be seen .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

proving that gravy and potatoes are important too .