bob ' s big boy - los angeles , ca

i dont normally 'do' chain restaurants , cause , simply if youve had one . . .

and bob's big boy is no exception . located on highland and wilshire . this place wasnt my choice , i was just along fer the ride . dont get me wrong . im not opposed to breakfast or bob's or anything else fer that matter .

theres just none of the extra . . . ya know , pizzazz , umph , sparkle , whatever to it .

just look at what this corporate breakfast spot did to the mishaco review crew .

mishaco review crew

it was all just , so , adequate . ok potatoes , alright gravy , even the parsley was mediocre . the only thing that raised an eyebrow was the chicken fried steak itself . it was as thick as a brick . (no thanks to jethro tull .)

nice , though it seems that the recipe for the cfs was suspiciously similar to the " thirteen special herbs and spices " of a certain two hundred year old mint julip drinkin , white suit wearing kentucky fried chicken mogul .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

two and a half - snore

< yawn >