the astro family restaurant - silverlake , ca

oh yes , the perfect morning ( or anytime ) delight that is affectionately called " astro ' s " .

what can i say ? i have been going here fer a few years . the food is great . just as it should be , plus theres home style grilled potatoes ( with onions ! ). no frozen hash browns or bad coffee . the chicken fried steak could stand to be crispier , though , with the lake gravy on it , it wouldnt stand much of a chance of staying crispy .

patty , my waitress extraordinaire knows me by name and she knows exactly what i want and how i like it . it may not seem like much , but it really is the little touches . patty always offers the potatoes " with onions " ( not on the menu , even though i never ask ) and its never a problem to get ' em well done . plus , i always get the booth in the back next to the window . the coffee cup is never empty and the large water glass ( also not standard ) is always there .

and every time i come in here , i swear it gets cheaper and the food gets better .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

the only thing missing from this experience is someone to have breakfast with .

sidenote : sometimes in the mornings this is where the " ladybug guy " sells his little containers of ladybugs fer yer gardens.
im not quite sure why it is , but hes somewhat well known in los angeles for the last few years fer this .