angel's - hollywood , ca

its been the coldest july in years . everything has a thin , ever so delicate layer of frost on it . as i made my way into the restaurant , ( nestled between a motel and the new , laughable mta train station on hollywood boulevard and western avenue . ) my feet crunched through what seemed to be years of sun hardened snow and ice , the sort of cold that would freeze any moisture instantly .

in addition to the usual everything on the plate there was also this . . . this awful freezer burned taste . and instead of the ' usual ' garnish i got an orange slice .

no parsley . an honest to goodness orange slice , the freshest thing to enter this establishment's door since the late nineteen thirties . oranges dont do well in the freezer , so that shows some effort . also , the expertise of the chef , that type of experience doesnt come over night .

the chef was able , with one expert hand , to crack open an extra large grade ' a ' egg , pour its poultry goodness into the pan , and throw the shell onto the counter . then , when time came to flip the pan's contents over for the perfect " over easy " style , he did just so . with his fingers .

i didnt catch that fact until after i had some " over medium " yolk running down my chin .

you have never seen such a great spit - take as the one i did right then .

total score out of a perfect five mishaco's :

angel ' s - " come fer the comedy , leave cause of the food . "